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How to directly link someone to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile

Want to directly link someone to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile? It's good to know if you want to put the link to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile on a website or resume. Here's how to get the links:

On Facebook this is fairly easy. Log into Facebook, then click the word [Profile] in the top navigation link that takes you to your profile. Copy the URL.

It should look something like this: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=2020640&ref=profile

I think that looks messy. If you want to get a link that is prettier, log out of Facebook and then go to that same profile URL you just copied. When you are logged out and try to go to that link, the URL gets cleaned up to something that looks like this: http://en-us.facebook.com/people/Bridget-Carey/2020640

Or, you can also use a Facebook application called Memorable Web Address to create a clean and easy-to-remember redirect URL of your page, such as http://profile.to/bridgetcarey/

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link will be useless for non-Facebook users if you blocked your Facebook page from being found by people outside of Facebook.  But if you did that, I'm guessing you don't want to share your Facebook link with others, anyway.

This is also a good time to take a look of what your profile details look like to someone outside of Facebook. My public search listing was ridiculous!


You can click the photo for a larger image, but it just says Bridget Carey is a fan of:
    * Skittles
    * Dunkin' Donuts
    * Marvel
    * The Onion
    * Pancakes 
    * Batman: The Dark Knight
    * Iron Man
    * Disney Pixar
    * Star Trek
    * Tropic Thunder
    * The Office
    * Rocko's Modern Life
    * Transformers
    * Arrested Development (2003)
    * Late Night with Conan O'Brien 
    * UF College of Journalism and Communications
    * UF Department of Journalism

Uhh.... if my public listing is someone's first impression of me, I can only imagine what they'll think of me. "I like Skittles and Pancakes!" (What am I, the Nannerpuss?)

So I'm going to change my settings so that kind of Nannerpuss nonsense doesn't show to the world.

To do the same on LinkedIn, go to the tab for "Edit My Profile" (not the View My Profile section). You'll see a section toward the begining of your profile that says "Public Profile." Click the [Edit] link to change it to something classy like http://www.linkedin.com/in/bridgetcarey.

Presto change-o. Thanks to James, a Poked reader, for asking the question!


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How many days should I wait before I drop a person who friends me who really has no interest in responding to anything I write to her? Example: Out of the blue, one of my childhood friends "friended" me. I couldn't stand her. She dropped out of high school and I got my crap together and went on and graduated college. All she does is post pictures of her gorgeous daughter (who is at least 18) and has no interest in my life nor does she respond to any personal wall-to-wall comments I make to her? Should I drop her as a friend?

Well FLGIRL... I'm going to refer you to our column that we just posted a few minutes ago. We answer a somewhat similar question that another reader e-mailed us with:


But I realize you do have a slightly different situation. I would say that if you are posting wall comments that require or deserve a response and she is ignoring you, then dump that "friend."

If someone is that rude to you, you have every right to un-friend. Sounds like they don't deserve your connection.

Anyone know where to get the images that say "view my profile on LinkedIn"?

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