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Beware weird links in your Facebook messages - Boface worm attacks

The Internet is under attack! But no need to riot and loot just yet.

First, Google goes down this morning. And now I'm seeing a wave of malicious links being sent through Facebook messages. If you get a weird link sent to your Facebook inbox - DO NOT CLICK IT! And you'll know it's weird when you see it because it won't be your typical .com or .org address. Other Poked readers are reporting getting these links as well.

The ones I'm seeing say something like "Hello" in the subject line and have a very short link with random numbers and letters in the body of the message... the links are all ending in ".im"

Clicking on the link will infect your computer and you'll unknowingly send the link to other friends. News of Boface worm attacks came out today, and they're going to increase in the next few months.


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