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Coming this weekend: rush Facebook to preserve your name

The Twitterverse and all other things social media have been abuzz today with Facebook's blog post about incorporating your user name into a personal url address for your page. Oddly, they're called " vanity urls" -- although I don't really get why wanting to use your actual name is a "vanity" (it's not a license plate like ASSMAN!) but that's just me.

Before, if people wanted to find you on Facebook, it was a barcode-like collection of whatever numbers make up your user id. Now, it can include your real name - making it ever so much easier for people to find you.

Just to generate more hype, and if for some reason you can't figure out how long it takes to get to 12 midnight Friday, Facebook has created a 24-style countdown clock.

Want advice on what name to use? Shouldn't be a surprise to you that Bridget and I recommend you use your real name. (We're not into identifying ourselves as LonelyGirl305 and LonelyGirl954.) Make sure you think about it -- because it's a name you'll be identified with on Facebook forever. If you've got a name that's not Niala Boodhoo, perhaps you're more of a Bridget Carey, and worried about being taken, you can always go for the Bridget.Carey or something that looks as professional as possible.


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