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How are your mobile manners?

Here's tomorrow's newspaper Poked column today, for our online readers:

Pop quiz: You're in the middle of listening to a client presentation. Is it OK to sneak a peek at your Blackberry to answer an e-mail?

If you do it, odds are you'll be offending at least half the people in the room.

A recent study done on behalf of Intel by Harris Interactive shows that 54 percent of adults were peeved by people who typed on cellphones while in the presence of others.

In all, a whopping 82 percent said they have been annoyed by others inappropriately using smartphones in public places.

We get that being wired means that you're on the job and connected almost all the time -- at least, during the work day. But when you whip it out, you're telling whoever else is with you that they're not worth your full attention.

That's painfully obvious when there are just two of you in the room. We're amazed at how much this happens to us, both in our work and personal lives. We're guessing people don't realize how rude this is.

The funny thing is, while most said this kind of behavior bothered them, only about one-third admitted to being guilty of doing it themselves.

Textingonthejob Not sure if you're one of ''those'' people? Do your friends joke about how often you're texting, e-mailing, Twittering or logging on Facebook? They're probably trying to give you a hint to PUT DOWN THE PHONE.

The only time we think you can get away with pulling out a phone is when you're in a long meeting with a large group of people. If you can do it discreetly and quickly, you're probably OK.

If you're not sure, ask your boss. If you're the shy type, e-mail this post to your boss to ask what he or she thinks. (We have found that people tend to have strong opinions on this one!)

In the meantime, we're collecting stories of the worst mobile etiquette (preferably on the job) ever. Post a comment or email us at Poked@MiamiHerald.com.


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I was trying to open an account at a bank. The bank manager was helping me. However he was constantly checking and answering his text messages while I sat there waiting.

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