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Facebook for work? It's getting harder to keep business out of your personal network.

If Facebook users were a country, it would have the same amount of people as Indonesia, the world's fifth-most populous country.

So it seems we've reached a point where you shouldn't be creeped out when acquaintances from the business world want to "friend'' you.

Think of it as the modern-day (and recession-friendly) equivalent of a business lunch: They're just getting to know you better because they want to do business with you.

That's because they are sensing what a recent social media study by Anderson Analytics documented: Facebookers are the most loyal social networkers compared to Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn.

When asked which network they found the most valuable, 75 percent of the 5,000 users surveyed said Facebook.

Tom H.C. Anderson, managing partner at Anderson Analytics, said some business users felt like they got better networking value from Facebook because that's where they got better tidbits of personal information, compared to say, LinkedIn, where it's harder to display your personality.

For example, if you see an executive posted photos of a recent Disney World trip and you were also just there, "it gives you something to talk about in a job interview,'' he said.

That makes it more of a challenge to balance a private social networking life with business interests. We're learning this as we go. Bridget relies heavily on privacy settings that accept a lot of people but limit what they can see.

Niala is still trying to keep Facebook as primarily personal. So although her profile is still open to anyone sending a message, she's turned off "add as a friend'' request to help keep the volume down.

Tell us how you deal with the balance issue -- e-mail us at Poked@MiamiHerald.com or post a comment below.


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Some people should not use social networking... hence, SOCIAL networking. If it was just about one person, it would be called Katie Willcox's FACEBOOK.

Anyone else found that networking is worse than telemarketing when it comes to just a handful of facebook and myspace friends? Yet it's worse on FACEBOOK??

Privacy Settings, all the way. I can accept everyone and not feel uncomfortable with what they can see.

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