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Facebook protests growing

We've already blogged a bit about the increasing amount of people who are getting sick of Facebook's privacy issues and canceling their accounts. Anecdotally, through Twitter and personal requests, I'm seeing a lot of AntiFacebook people at least publicly contemplating the step.

Now, there's a formal movement, started by Alana Joy. On June 6, they're asking people to stay off Facebook as a protest of the privacy changes. There's a Twitter account for it, (so far, about 400 followers) and even, yes, a Facebook group.

PR and social media consultant Sarah Evans has a detailed blog post with a pithy title (telling Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that he can go "Zuck" it) about why she and others have joined this movement. It also has some quick links to other stories done by PCWorld and the like about the changes.

Are you thinking of dumping Facebook, or joining the protest? Let us know!

Updated: as of 1 p.m.


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It's a tough call. Basically, I only keep a FB account to read my sister's status messages there. When and if she deactivates her account, I'll be out 5 minutes later.

No need to cancel your accounts, you can stop logging in if you have to.

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