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Hindsight is 20/20

Whoever made the decision at New Line Cinema not to screen Snakes on a Plane for critics is probably regretting it right now. The movie received a surprising number of positive reviews from big-name critics who gave the film a pass. I wasn't one of them - SoaP just isn't bad enough to qualify as fun - but the lenient reviews might have lured more people to the theater.

Judging by the film's disappointing opening weekend gross ($13.8 million), only the hardcore Internet crowd turned out to watch Samuel L. Jackson wrangle with serpents at 20,000 feet. That's enough to guarantee the movie a cult following, and it's an excellent number for what is an inexpensive exploitation flick. But Snakes on a Plane's legacy as a pop culture event will be limited to its title and the online furor it created, instead of the movie itself.  


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Brian Feldman

At least one of the posters was good.



I thought the movie was bad enough to be fantastic. I had a blast. People were yelling and laughing and having a great time. Maybe the studios wanted the critics to see that.


The Ultimate example of Trashy certainly a Rotten slice of cheese-o-rama cinema.



Reason the movie didn't make more is becuase, for all the internet hype, there are FAR more peopl who don't live on the internet then there are those that do. It's why Kevin Smith is still an indie director, despite the fact the WHOLE internets knows who he is, your average joe will just go "Who?". In the end, all the internet hype couldn't bring average joe's to shell out the 10 bucks to see snakes on a plane. I expected as much.

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