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How bad can it be?

Out of all the movies that have opened without the benefit of critics' screenings this year, The Wicker Man is the only one I really had high hopes for. I'm a huge fan of the 1973 original, and I refuse to believe director Neil LaBute could have screwed up the remake that badly. But Warner Bros., the studio that is distributing the movie, usually screens all their films, no matter how wretched. Their coyness is not a good sign. Neither is that Sept. 1 release date.


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You're funny with the links.

Brian Feldman

Why couldn't Warner Bros. just have re-released the 1973 version?


They aren't screening this? It must be a real stinker! In order for them to not screen a movie made by a capable director, and starring Nicholas Cage, it must be bad. I'll give this one a rental then. Not gonna waste my money and time seeing it in the theater.


I hate Nicholas Cage.

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