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The awards season begins - sort of

Who says you have to wait until December to start handing out year-end awards? The International Federation of Film Critics (or FIPRESCI for short), which is comprised of 350 critics from around the world, has awarded Pedro Almodovar's Volver its annual Grand Prix award.

The prize, voted on by 350 critics from around the world, was given to the best movie released between July 2005 and July 2006 (Volver premiered in Spain in March and will open in the U.S. in November).

Considering the paucity of worthy Best Picture candidates thus far this year, there's an increasing chance the Spanish-language Volver will be in the running for the top Oscar honor next year. Penelope Cruz, who stars in the film, is pretty much guaranteed to become the first Spanish actress to snag a Best Actress nomination, too.


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Juan B.

The only problem is that, as a result of that best-actress Oscar nomination, Hollywood will throw even more English-language roles at Cruz than before. And, well, she's not a very good actress when speaking English.

Brian Feldman

Juan usted está correcto, Cruz debe hacer solamente papeles de la Español-lengua. (Esto es alguien que no habla ni escribe español.)

Juan B.

It shows, Brian. But it's not bad.

Brian Feldman


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