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Train wreck

It's been a while since a movie as high-minded and prestigious as All the King's Men got this badly clobbered by critics. I couldn't agree more, but I'm still surprised at how near-unanimous the derision is. Looks like low-brow definitely trumps high-brow this weekend.


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Juan B.

Well, Jackass may be sitting at 68% at the moment, but Jet Li's Fearless has a 74% rating, and that's the movie I'll be checking out this weekend.

Have you seen Half Nelson, by any chance?

Brian Feldman

It can't possibly be as bad as the new Reeling logo.

Brian Feldman

I was referring to the "old" Reeling logo. The new one's much better. Nice color; looks more "movie marquee." Good job, Rene or Art Director or whoever.

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