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300 only needs to be half as cool as it looks to make me very happy.


Then again, the trailers for Sin City looked really promising once - and look how that one turned out.

As for the next Frank Miller adaptation: Will someone please make a movie out of Hard Boiled next?

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Wednesday, Jan. 24

Crank (2006): A junky, funny, furious little B-movie that, on purely technical terms, does things I had never seen before. Why Lionsgate didn't screen this movie in advance for critics last year (or why they dumped it on Labor Day weekend) is baffling. I'll be writing more about it here in a day or two.


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Sin City was an excellent movie, thank you very much. So if 300 ends up being as half as good as Sin City, I'LL be happy. It's definately better then Crank, which I thought was just horrid, even as a B movie.

Juan B.

I think it's promising that they're playing that 300 trailer this far ahead of its release. And, yes, it looks really cool.

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