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DePalma goes high-def

Variety reports that Brian DePalma will write and direct Redacted, a drama about the experiences of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, for HDNet Films. The movie will be released to theaters, cable's HDNet and DVD on the same day, a la Steven Soderbergh's Bubble.

Brian_de_palma I'm not sure DePalma is necessarily a good fit for the quick-and-dirty HD medium, but the last time he made a war picture, it turned out to be a near-masterpiece. And he really is overdue for a good movie. It's only a matter of time, right?

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Monday Jan. 29

* Chicago (2002): Had been wanting to watch this one again since seeing Dreamgirls for compare/contrast purposes. Both movies boast a screenplay by Bill Condon (who also directed Dreamgirls), but Chicago's narrative seemed so much livelier and engrossing.

The key difference between the two pictures (aside from, you know, the fact that they are completely different movies) is that Chicago has a great, irreverent sense of humor, whereas Dreamgirls is so ... serious. Still don't think it deserved to beat out The Pianist or The Hours or even The Two Towers for Best Picture. But Chicago is an undeniably fun time - and fun is something Dreamgirls could have used a little more of.


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You're right about Casualties of War, although for me it's a full-fledged masterpiece. But after the awfulness of The Black Dahlia, I've given up on De Palma.

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