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Oscar spoilers

Oscar That noise you'll hear near the end of Sunday night's Oscar telecast will be the collective boom of film buffs' heads exploding around the world.

L.A. Weekly's Nikki Finke has revealed eight surprises that await us during the show, including the news that Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola will be co-presenting the Best Director Oscar.

Since Martin Scorsese is guaranteed to win the prize, that means all four of 1970s Hollywood's most successful and influential directors will be onstage together.

Scorsese's win will leave only one of the four without an Oscar of his own. But since he's also the richest of the three, he probably doesn't care.


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Juan B.

Then again, Lucas has never done anything to deserve a Best Director Oscar. The other three have.

ray perez

The sound you hear, Rene, is a razzberry I'm blowing at the Academy for not choosing "Babel" as the best movie. "The Departed" is a messy, convoluted, unconvincing wannabe gangster movie and doesn't deserve the Oscar. Scorsese should be contented with the award he got as a director -- which was a consolation prize for lifetime achievement, in effect. "Babel" is a lot more complex and engaging movie; not easy to follow at first, but once it gets rolling your brain clicks into gear. I wonder how many other readers feel the same way about the contest between these two films.


I went on march 8th to the film critic round table and I liked your comments and interventions. After the roundtable I spoke with you about becoming a film critic, thank you for your honest answer. I have just read your critic on "Fiction" and I've changed my mind about the film I was going to see (Jindabyne). I'll let you know what I thought about "Fiction". I will welcome any ideas or tips on my idea of becoming a film critic.

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