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Queasy Rider

Ghostrider_marvelThe flaming skull-head superhero Ghost Rider was never a first-string character in the Marvel Comics universe, but I was still looking forward to the film adaptation coming out on Feb. 16.

Now Sony Pictures has informed critics it will not be screening the film in advance for opening-day reviews. And you know what that means.

Viewing log:

Thursday Feb. 1

When the Levees Broke (2006) Acts III and IV: Extraordinary on a number of levels, including its ability to incorporate a voluminous amount of journalistic information without losing the feel of a personal, intimate work. Ranks amongst director Spike Lee's best films.

Friday Feb. 2

Sheitan (2006): Another entry in the rapidly growing genre of French horror films that favor lunatic situations and atmosphere over logic and narrative. At times exceedingly unpleasant in a clumsy, obvious way, and it seems to exist primarily as an excuse for some serious overacting by Vincent Cassel. But I couldn't bring myself to hit the eject button on my DVD player until it was over, which says something. I guess.

Monday Feb. 5

Hannibal Rising (2007): In which we learn what made Hannibal Lecter turn out the way he did. Some things are best left unexplained.


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Juan B.

Is that the Nic Cage movie I keep seeing in previews? Yeah, I could have told you that one's going to suck.


What the hell? Why NOT screen it? Do they really think the movie is that aweful? Surely cant be worse then Hannibal Rising. Hell, comingsoon.net critic got the chance to see Ghost Rider, andhe wrote a very glowing review for the film. And he expected it to suck! So i don't see how this is a benefit. I wonder if people get more weary of seeing a film thats NOT screened by critics, where as one that is screened, and just gets bad reviews. Poor reviews sure as hell didnt stop Night at the Museum from becoming a major blockbuster.


Ok so it appears the story is false, and this movie WILL be screened for critics. Here's word fromt he director himself:



Screening a movie the Thursday before opening is akin to not screening it at all, since 95 percent of all papers print their Friday entertainment sections on Wednesday night. So while they are "technically" screening Ghost Rider, they know they are showing it too late for most reviewers. It's an old trick.


Ah that's interesting! Brilliant on the studio's part, they still avoid most the bad reviews they might get, and still get to say "well we DID screen it!"

Whatever, i'm looking foward to the movie regardless and plan on seeing it opening weekend. If it stinks, well then hey, one less thing to buy on DVD.

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