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We're number 8!

In their latest issue, Moviemaker magazine publishes its annual list of the top 10 American cities to live, work and make movies. Miami, which ranked number 7 on last year's list, returns this year only one notch lower. It could have been a lot worse: Los Angeles, for example, didn't even make the cut.

"With over 240 feature films produced in 2006, it is the hard work of the Miami-Dade Mayor's Office of Film and Entertainment (which is comprised of three local film offices) and a large independent moviemaking community that really make South Florida shine."

Speaking of Miami's moviemaking community, the documentary Cocaine Cowboys, which was produced and directed by homeboys Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman, is out on DVD and definitely bears watching, especially if you're a local. You'll never think of the Miami skyline the same way again.

Viewing log:

Monday Feb. 12

The Lives of Others (2006): As much as I love Pan's Labyrinth, I wouldn't be totally upset (or surprised) if this German thriller ran off with the Best Foreign Language Oscar. It's that good. Opens here on Feb. 23.

F--- (2006: Rambling and inconsequential documentary about the origins, uses and social significance of the dreaded F-word is also extremely entertaining and jampacked with useless but fun information. For example: Robert Altman's M*A*S*H was the first movie in which the word was uttered (it was used as an adjective). The first known appearance of the word in print was in the poem Flen Flyys, written in 1475. The average episode of HBO's Deadwood contains 69.3 uses of the word. And Pat Boone never says it, preferring instead to say his last name, as in "Oh, Boone!"


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"Oh, Boone!"

Inland Empire's coming to Gainseville March 16th and then !!!! to some other places that aren't so close to Miami. Rats! Source: http://inlandempirecinema.com/

Speaking of which, I saw Fire Walk with Me last night with the volume UP and the lights OFF! That cacophonous erotic club sequence was something to behold, visually and especially aurally (Lynch says that you should watch his movies with the volume way up). The actress who portrayed Laura Palmer was so perfect. And I say perfect because I couldn't tell if she was acting. She Was Laura Palmer. Oh, and I haven't seen a single TP episode (except for the pilot, available on VHS).


I'm all over The Lives of Others this weekend. I've heard nothing but raves about it.

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