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Missed opportunities

I had hoped to catch last night's Miami Film Festival screening of the Spanish-language adventure epic Alatriste, but my workload kept me from attending. If you happened to go, let me know how the movie was and what the turnout was like.

Nothing - nothing! - will keep me from tonight's screening of 300, though. And if you happen to have Thursday morning free, don't forget to try to swing by this festival seminar to hear me and other film critics/writers prattle on about what it is we do.


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I have heard nothing but good things about 300. From people who have read the book, to those who haven't it seems to be getting good word o fmouth so far. I have to wait til saturday to see it! Gah!


Alatriste made me forget that it wasn't made by Americans. The Film was mesmerizing and a fluid example of great story telling. I cannot wait to get it on DVD. The actors, including Viggo were there along with the Director to answer questions. A couple of questions were mortifyingly embarrassing and rude, questioning Viggo's spanish (which was perfect by the way), but that's Miami for you.

Juan B.

This has nothing to do with your topic, but since this is your most recent entry, here goes. During the Toronto Film Festival showing of "Borat," were you picking your nose when the cameras came around to film you? In their bonus materials, the DVD makers were kind enough to show you doing this not once, but TWICE, as I'm sure you're aware of by now.

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