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Getting it right

Blad2 Warner Bros. and Ridley Scott are working on a definitive DVD release of Blade Runner that will gather all the different cuts of the movie that have sprouted up over the years: The original theatrical version with the voiceover narration ("I had had a bellyful of killing"); the slightly more violent European edition (previously available on home video in the U.S. exclusively on the long out-of-print Criterion laserdisc); and the 1992 director's cut that does away with the narration and the pasted-on "happy ending" (in which Harrison Ford and Sean Young run away together, using footage originally shot by Stanley Kubrick for The Shining).

Now comes word, though, that the DVD may contain one more, never-before-seen version of Blade Runner. Actress Joanna Cassidy, who played the replicant Zhora in the film, has posted an item on her personal website stating she has just finished "re-shooting her scenes" from the movie for the upcoming DVD.

Sounds like Scott, a notorious re-tinkerer, may be doing more to Blade Runner than giving it a spit-and-polish. The DVD has no firm release date yet, but the finished product will be yet more motivation to pony up for one of those newfangled HD-DVD players.

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Friday Apr. 27

Smokin' Aces (2007): Probably felt loud and endless in the theater, but at home, not so much.



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