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The return

OK, it's back.

Viewing log

Tuesday Apr. 24

Spiderman_3_poster Spider-Man 3 (2007): You know how sometimes - but not often - in life, you're eagerly anticipating something long before it takes place, and then it finally happens, and it turns out to be even better than you'd dared hope? Spider-Man 3 is one of those times.


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Wow the movie is THAT good? Better then the previous two? I can't wait to read your review. And see the movie of course.

Juan B.

Glad to hear about Spider-Man 3. But what about all the movies you've seen since your last Viewing Log entry? You're not going to list them?


Yes, I'm planning to post a retroactive Viewing Log entry. I'm just unsure as to how best to do it. Should I just post one gigantic list? There are a lot of film festival movies I need to include, so it will be BIG. That's the reason why I fell behind in the first place.


So you actually saw the film (Spider-Man 3)?


Yes, Danny, I saw it.

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