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Coppola and I

Here's a shot of Francis Ford Coppola and myself on the stage of the Colony Theater during last night's Q&A session following a screening of the documentary CODA: 30 Years Later. I was a little nervous at the beginning (OK, more than a little) but I grew more comfortable as the hour went on.


In case you didn't manage attend for some baffling reason, here's a rundown of what you missed. Thanks again to Dana Keith and the Miami Beach Cinematheque for organizing the event and bringing major-league film culture to Miami.

Watch this space in the coming days for news about the Cinematheque's next major screening, this one coming in June. Here's a not-so-subtle two-word clue for you: Inland Empire.

Viewing log

Sunday May 13

CODA: 30 Years Later (2007)


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Peter Debruge

I keep expecting Martin Scorsese to show up at my door. Amazing that all these legends have been out and about these days, and awesome that you got to interview Coppola!

Check out my friend Matt Dentler's coolest night ever (a surprise dinner with Richard Linklater, Terrence Malick and Francis Ford Coppola): http://blogs.indiewire.com/mattdentler/archives/013480.html

Brian Feldman

You've been scooped!



I'd hardly call that a scoop, especially since you read it here first "Inland Empire" was coming to town. I'm just on vacation and haven't gotten around to posting the MBC's press release, which was sent out on Thursday.

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