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Saving the best for last

Inlandempire1_large The Miami Beach Cinematheque is bringing David Lynch's Inland Empire to town for a one-night only screening on June 24 at the Colony Theater on South Beach. This will be the last time the movie, which Lynch distributed himself, will be projected in a theater before it hits DVD on August 14.

Shot on digital video over a span of two years and running three hours, the movie has been a love-hate proposition for critics, described as everything from "an interminable bore" to "an amazing and unshakeable experience."  In other words, it sounds like almost every movie Lynch has directed, which automatically makes it a must-see.

David_lynch Making the evening even more special is that Lynch will introduce the movie from the Colony stage via live webcam from his own living room. Lynch himself will be introduced via a musical interlude by stream-of-consciousness guitarist Sasha Weisfeld, whose improvisational performances are based on what just took place in the room he happens to be in at the moment.

The Inland Empire screening is part of the Cinematheque's month-long "Let's Experiment!", which will be showcasing experimental and avant-garde films throughout June. Tickets go on sale today via Ticketmaster for the general public and are available here for Miami Beach Film Society members.

For a quick Lynch fix to tide you over until Inland Empire arrives, check out this short he unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival last week.

Viewing log

Saturday May 19

* Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992): I enjoy this one a tiny bit more every time I watch it, which means by 2015, I may actually like it. But I still think it was a mistake to go the prequel route.

Speaking of Twin Peaks, anyone who's been watching the DVD set of the show's second season and wants to feed their obsession will find a welcome home here.

Friday May 18

Murphy Coming to America (1988): Had never caught up with this Eddie Murphy blockbuster. Why do John Landis' movies age so badly (with only a couple of exceptions)?


Thursday May 17

The Hitcher (2007): Just as pointless as I expected, although it's still kind of a must-see if you're a fan of the original, which I am. Baffled as to why the alternate ending included on the DVD wasn't used. Also contains one of the best examples I've ever seen of when not to use a pop/rock song as wallpaper: The extended police car chase/pileup sequence would have been 100 times better without Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" on the sountrack.


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Dont think i'll be able to make it, so i'll just wait for the DVD. I love Lynch films for the most part. Mulholland Drive was a masterpiece.

As for Coming to America, I stil get some joy out of it. If it's on TV, i'll set the remote down and watch it. Good time killer.

And yes The Hitcher was completely useless. I'll stick with the original and Rutger Hauer thank you. And there are a lot of places the song Closer works perfectly. That however, was the least appropriate.

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