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Rest in peace

Filmmaker Edward Yang, who was considered to be one of the brightest talents of the Taiwanese New Wave and was best known in the U.S. for his 2000 masterpiece Yi Yi: A One and a Two, died Friday in L.A. at age 60 from colon cancer - the same illness that claimed Good Morning America's longtime film critic Joel Siegel, also on Friday.

Yiyi Yang, who was born in Shangai and became a filmmaker in an unusual, roundabout way, was working on a $25 million animated feature with producer Jackie Chan entitled The Wind at the time of his death. Yi Yi, which is available on a superlative DVD from the Criterion Collection, is one of those all-too-rare movies that borders on a transcendental experience. If you've never seen it, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


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Wow, thanks for the recommendation, Rene. What a tremendously powerful film.

I was looking at your review archives and I don't seen In The Mood For Love or 2046 reviews. What do you think about Wong Kar Wai and his cinema?

You got a really great place here, keep up the good work!

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