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Oops. Never mind.

After pitching a fit over the decision by Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks to stop releasing all their movies on the Blu-ray format (including the upcoming Transformers), Michael Bay has changed his mind and decided he will direct Transformers 2 after all. Literally overnight, he has also become a fan of HD-DVDs.


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I'm sure missing out on the big fat paycheck he would be missing out by turning down directing Transformers 2 had nothing to do with it.

bella defender

You are not even giving a critic to the film it self but to the values and issues it deals with. So your review is very bias.
I love the movie because it shows that love prevails beyond any other feeling. Adoption, true friendship, family are all fruits of love. You are attacking the message. The film is very well made , the acting , the photography, the music.
We as the Catholic / Christian community are boycotting Miami Herald.

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