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Forecast: Icy

Icestorm_2 I love Ang Lee's The Ice Storm and have always wished it would get a proper DVD release that would give the movie the respect it deserves. The only one available, which has cluttered store cutout bins everywhere for years, is rather anemic (OK, pathetic).

The tony folks at the Criterion Collection - the best publishers of special edition DVDs in the known universe - apparently agree, since they have announced a two-disc set of the film for March. The set will feature a new transfer of the movie, audio commentary with Lee and producer James Schamus, deleted scenes and retrospective interviews with the cast members, although not Tobey Maguire. Guess Spider-Man was just too busy.


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I think The Fast Runner is the best "icy" movie you've ever recommended. I'm not sure what the fuss is all about over The Ice Storm but I'll cop that it is a deceptively simple movie and may be better on second viewing.

A really good ice movie to check out is Jeremiah Johnson (1972), with Robert Redford and directed by Sidney Pollack. That movie will drop the temperature in the living room by 20 degrees.

Also, you can't go wrong with an episode of The Sopranos. If you felt a huge void after the ending, check out season 3's Pine Barrens, and remind yourself why that show is a masterpiece.

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