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"Pirates" done right

If you've watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on Blu-ray disc, you might have felt something was a little off - like Orlando Bloom's head being missing in certain scenes, or shots that focused on Johnny Depp's feet when they should have focused on his face.

Bluray The Walt Disney Co. has acknowledged that the transfer on the disc was accidentally misframed. Even better, they're doing something about it. Just call 1-800-723-4763 and Disney will mail you a replacement disc free of charge. You'll need to have your copy of the film in your hands, since they will ask you to read them certain numbers off the disc. If you're phone-phobic, or if you get a busy signal, you can do it online here.

It's very cool - and highly unusual - for a company of Disney's size to take care of a screw-up so quickly and easily. Now if only they had a program where they could magically turn the two Pirates sequels into good movies...


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Peter Debruge

You think that's funny? Criterion is recalling Gus Van Sant's b&w first feature Mala Noche because "about twenty-three minutes in, there are three color shots that total ten seconds and twenty-two frames. In our version, they appear in black and white." That right, if you want your 22 frames in color, just mail in your disc and they'll replace it for you. Full details here: http://www.criterion.com/blog/2007_12_01_archive.html#8783218335688029824

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