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Bowling for "Blood"

749anderson1_embedded_prod_affiliat Much ado has been made about the wild last scene of There Will Be Blood, which takes place in a bowling alley and, among other things, includes the highly quotable line "I drink your milkshake!"

Some critics have even taken director Paul Thomas Anderson to task, saying that scene nearly ruins everything that has come before it. Here's a quote from Anderson talking about the sequence, taken from the story that ran in today's paper:

''Listen, I can completely understand whatever people's feelings about that scene might be,'' he says. ``But from the very beginning, when we started cutting the film, we always knew what we were doing was we were going to the bowling alley.

'It wasn't like `Yeah, we originally had this other ending, but Paramount asked us if we could do something kind of crazy and outlandish instead.' This movie was built to get to the bowling alley.''

Anderson was a little talked out by the time we got around to discussing the movie's title, which is apparently derived from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 7, Verse 19. ("There will be blood everywhere in Egypt, even in the wooden and stone containers.")

"We didn't want to call it There Will Be a Morally Ambiguous Ending," is all Anderson would say about that.


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