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HD DVD strikes back

After the stunning defection of Warner Bros. to the Blu-ray camp, Toshiba has responded with a fire sale by permanently slashing the prices of its three current models of HD-DVD players. The cheapest model (HD-A3) now costs $150, the mid-range player (HD-A30) is $200 and the top of the line machine (HD-A35) is $300.

Combine those new prices with the stack of free HD-DVDs you get when you buy a player, along with the discounts available from online retailers, and it is now cheaper than ever to buy into HD-DVD, proving competition is not necessarily a bad thing.

None of this means, of course, that you'll be able to buy any new HD-DVDs to feed those machines a year from now. But they do make regular DVDs look almost as good as high-def. 


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