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Tilting at windmills

Dominos A Save HD-DVD! Petition has gone up in hopes of getting Warner Bros. to rescind their decision to go Blu-ray exclusive. The number of signatures is growing by the minute, but now that New Line Cinema and HBO have followed their parent company's lead and gone Blu-only as well, it is highly unlikely - OK, impossible - that the petition will have any effect.

The two remaining studios supporting HD-DVD, Paramount and Universal, are rumored to be in negotiations to announce Blu-ray support practically any moment now. In other words, visit the cool HD-DVD website while you still can, since it's probably not going to exist much longer.


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I think it's probably better off this way. It does create less confusion for the consumer and finally narrows down which system to upgrade too. I wasn't going anywhere near any of these hi-def systems until one of them died out. Now that the blu-ray has all but won this war, i'm gonna go get myself a playstation 3, which i hear has an excellent blu-ray player on it.

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