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"I'm Michael Bay, and I'm awesome"

Bay_2  First he pitched a fit when he learned Transformers would be released exclusively on HD DVD and not on Blu-ray. Then he recanted and said he had spoken too rashly.

Now Michael Bay is gloating and saying I-told-you-so about the insurmountable edge Blu-ray has built over the rival HD DVD format. Home Media Magazine reports the director said "I knew HD DVD was not going to make it" during a recent appearance at an awards show. No word on how, exactly, he knew this or when he mentioned this to anyone.

Bay also claims that Blu-ray is "sharper" than HD DVD and is "closer to what it should look like." I'm not a professional filmmaker, so I'm not going to say Bay is wrong and he doesn't know what he's talking about. But I have watched tons of movies on both formats and I cannot detect the slightest bit of difference between an HD DVD and Blu-ray image on properly mastered discs.

It's a moot point, since the bad news for the HD DVD camp are piling up at such a fast rate, I don't expect the format to be around by the end of the summer. At least those who bought a player can build up their libraries on the cheap right now. And for the time being, you still can't watch Transformers on Blu-ray - and the HD DVD looks and sounds fantastic. Although Bay would probably say it's not sharp enough. 


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A friend of mine who sided with Blu-Ray and got a PS3 and all that early last year, is also now gloating how he KNEW it would win. He too doesn't say how he knew. In any case, i'm sure the HD-DVD people would be running around saying the same things Bay is saying had the format war gone the other way. I don't care. I was just waiting on the sidelines for a winner to arise before i bought anything. Now that Blu-Ray heavily apears to be the winner, i'll get a PS3. Maybe i'll use that $600 bucks the government is sending out to us to buy one.

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