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The last pre-Oscars blog post for 2008

Oscars Here are a few more thoughts on tonight's Academy Awards, which some people are predicting will be the dullest and lowest-rated telecast in Oscar history.

Shrug. I'll be happy if a) the show ends on time, so my editors don't start going into convulsions and b) the proper love is shown to No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood.

It would be nice if Paul Thomas Anderson, Tony Gilroy and Julian Schnabel won something tonight. But as far as I'm concerned, all will be right in the movie cosmos as long as Daniel Day-Lewis and the Coen brothers leave the auditorium clutching Oscars of their own.

Here are my predictions, which I posted earlier in the week. If the show is really slow, I'll pop in here periodically during the telecast and offer some running commentary.


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rene. please. for the love of god, rene. please explain, or at least, give your take of the ending from no country for old men. ??? i liked the m ovie even with that ending but i would like to understand what it is.


Enfustrado: I am planning to write a fairly long blog post about the ending of NO COUNTRY when the movie comes out on DVD in two weeks. So hang tight, man!


It amazes me how few people understood the ending to that movie. I would say I understood it cuase I read the book, but the film literally ends exactly the same. I understood it just fine. So did all the people I saw it with. We aren't experts, just random film buffs. But we understood it fine. A little thinking outside the box will help.

I have another question: What the hell was so difficult about the ending to THERE WILL BE BLOOD? I here a lot of people didn't ge tthe ending to that either. WHY? What was about as obvious as you could get!

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