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Vanishing act

Fidel Castro is not the only one who's been quitting things today. The Toshiba Corp. has finally made it official and announced it is getting out of the HD DVD business. If you had been contemplating picking up an HD DVD player in the near future - either for their great upconverting of regular DVDs, or as a backup player for your soon-to-be-obsolete collection of HD DVD movies - you better move quick.

The official announcement released today reveals that the company intends to make all the hardware unavailable by the end of next month. So once they're gone, they're gone.

To no one's surprise, Universal Studios, which had been one of HD DVD's staunchest supporters and had released more than 100 new and catalog titles in the format, has just announced they will start to release their films on Blu-ray. Paramount Pictures, the only other remaining HD DVD-only studio, is expected to make an identical announcement in five ... four ... three ... has now also joined the Blu team.


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