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Coming soon: The Sopranos movie?

Looks like Tony Soprano didn't get whacked by "Members Only guy" after all.

Sopranos20bada20bing20hbo Nick D'Urso, the manager of the New Jersey strip joint Satin Dolls - better known to Sopranos fans as the Bada-Bing - says he is putting off his plans to renovate his club after receiving a call from someone working on a movie version of the HBO series.


“I got an inside tip that they’re going to do a movie, so I don’t want to make any major changes,” D’Urso told the N.J. newspaper The Record this week. “I’m not going to reveal my sources, but we got a call from somebody [working] on the script.”

Sopranos An HBO spokesperson said "no comment" about the rumor. But if Sex and the City can make the jump to the big screen, then these lugs certainly can. Let's just hope Sopranos creator David Chase doesn't do like David Lynch did with his Twin Peaks movie and opts to make Sopranos: Before They Were Made Guys.


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It would be wonderful thing if they brought back the Sopranos, either on TV or in the movies. I would watch the Sopranos over and over again. I love all of the charaters! Even if some of the characters were no longer around, the actors could play some new parts, to make it interesting, fun, and excieting! Some of the charaters I love so much, like Christopher, who is very cool and tough, Paulie, he is very funny and especially Silvio. I LOVE HIM! He is very hansom, serious, calm, cool, and very funny! I already watch the series from begining to end and l LOVE The Sopranos! I hope that the dircetor David Chase would bring the story back and continue the saga of one of the greatest shows ever on TV, THE SOPRANOS!


Please David Chase make a movie.

The sopranos sucked me in and now I feel empty.
What happened to Tony?

Please make a movie


Best thing ever put on tv loved every minute hope they do a film?!!!


SOPRANOS!!!! We NEED Movie... Best thing to EVER hit HBO!!!!!!!!!! Miss the crew!


hope to c sopranos movie being made could do lots of things like back when jackie was boss or when johnny and junior wer young

João Pires

I really hope they come back and make too the season 7 with Feech getting out from jail again I miss "The Sopranos so much"


TONY IS DEAD, GUYS. I loved the show too, but that is the hard truth. Big man got whacked.

Jersey Matt

Even if Tony is dead, wouldn't it be great to see AJ getting revenge? We know he has the capability to follow through with a revenge plot. Remember a young and experienced AJ going after Junior with a knife?

Sammy G

We all feel empty after that ending, a movie would be great. but you have to come to conclusion that diner blew up and they all died.


David Chase seems like a holier than thou prick! I loved the sopranos but you dont make a show like that on your own. You write a pilot. It catches some attention then the team of writers turn it into something special or just another footnote. That being said...i believe chase holds the movie rights. I hope it gets made with or without him. Breaking bad is a far superior show, in my opinion. The only thing I can thank Chase for is his lazy "fade to black" nonsense. I'm sure vince gilligan would never even consider something so lame, but thanks to DC...he would never dare. The movie will get made, I think. Come on, 2 sex and the city movies, an entourage movie...but the show that made HBO a serious fixture in tv programming doesn't get to the big screen? As long as it makes money you can be sure someone will find a way.


Obviously they left the option open for a movie withthe way the show ended but if they haven't made it by now its not happening my interpretation of what happened at the end was a dream did anyone notice how much that guy looked like his dad he was always dreaming about, plus the fact that they end in a hole in the wall diner that you've never seen they obviously went blank at the end forthe invitation of a movie n to leave u with ur own interpretation

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