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Girl power

ThisIsLondon.co.uk is reporting there was "not a man to be seen" when the Sex and the City movie opened in London theaters last night. But the film is still expected to sell out every showing in the UK this weekend.


It'll be interesting to see what happens in America when the film debuts on Friday. According to the current rankings on Moviefone, the film has about seven times as much interest around it as The Strangers, the other film opening Friday.

I didn't care for Sex and the City very much: It is way too long and self-indulgent, and what was funny on the TV screen often felt forced and creaky in the theater. So I asked Connie Ogle to review it, figuring it was a guy thing. But she felt pretty much the way I did about it. I will link to her review here as soon as it's posted on the main Herald website.


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I am still grumbling with disappointment over this movie. Like every other woman on the planet, I was really looking forward to it. When does a chick flick get this much attention? We get superheroes all summer long, and here's ONE movie with cool women and great (often hilarious) fashion, in which stuff doesn't explode, no villains plot to take over the world, and Mike Myers doesn't try to pretend he's funny anymore and it turns it to be...just OK. What more is there to look forward to? I'm not a guy. I can't work up a sweat over The Dark Knight/Night.

I suspect plenty of women will just be happy to see Carrie and the gang on screen again, though. Hopefully they'll be all liquored up on Cosmos before they go into the theater, though that'll make it hard to sit through that interminable running time. WHY IS THIS MOVIE SO LONG????


I'll tell you what else there is to look forward to: PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. That is going to be the Citizen Kane of pothead comedies.

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