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How big will "Indiana Jones" be?

Jones Boxofficemojo.com reports Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull grossed $25 million on Thursday, which is the fourth biggest Thursday opening of all time (after Revenge of the Sith, The Matrix Reloaded and Attack of the Clones).

This puts the movie on track for a Memorial Day weekend gross of somewhere around $125-$130 million. Once you add in overseas ticket sales, Spielberg can breathe easy that at least its $185 million budget will be recouped. Although I don't know who thought it wouldn't.

I'm taking the holiday weekend off and plan to see a grand total of zero movies over the next four days. Let me know what you think of Crystal Skull if you see it.


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This is a movie that had no reason to be made.

I grew up on the Indy films, along with Star Wars, etc...

The guy I saw up on that screen was not Indiana Jones, but rather a 67 year old man dressed in the costume.

I want to remember Indy as a 30-40something kick ass hero, not a Medicare candidate.

And, on top of that, George Lucas, who lost his mind somewhere in the 90's, should have stayed as far away from this shoot as possible.

But no, we get his bad attempt at slapstick and humor.

I'm surprised there were no fart jokes.

It certainly has no place on the shelf next to the other Indy films.

It felt like Lucas and Spielberg saying goodbye once and for all to the fantasy/adventure/sci-fi genre that made them rich, filling this movie with inside jokes, references, wink and you'll miss it little homages to their previous works.

Indy, put down the whip. It's over.

Dave the Wave

How old is he 65+? The only reson for making this movie is to pass the torch to Shia so they can make more. It will do good becuase no one can afford to drive far to go on vacation.


that man can easy go another 20 years...hope it is a nice movie...

Billy the Marlin

I hated that movie. Loved the first three - kept looking at my watch throughout the film. Beware of aliens!!


I liked it well enough. It was lacking though. I basically hated the crystal skull itself and its big reveal at the end took me out of the movie. Great action set pieces though, and Harrison Ford was as entertaining as ever. I also wish poor Cate Blanchett had more to do then look desperate. They should have done more with her character. It's a fun movie overall, but it doesnt touch the original three.

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