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Remember Axel Foley?

05_beverly_hills_cop_i_303_404_para Paramount Pictures hopes you do. Having successfully revived its Indiana Jones franchise, the studio is now looking to revive another 1980s cash cow.

Variety reports Miami homeboy Brett Ratner is in line to direct Beverly Hills Cop IV, which would bring back the character that made Eddie Murphy a box-office superstar. There's no script yet, because that's the way things work in Hollywood.

STUDIO EXEC #1: "Hey, let's make yet another sequel to this phenomenally successful movie we made 30 years ago!"

STUDIO EXEC #2: "OK, but what will it be about?"

STUDIO EXEC #1: "Who cares? We'll still get rich anyway. It's been so long, everyone will have forgotten how bad the first two sequels were!"

Thesimpsonsmrburnsexcel STUDIO EXEC #2: "Excellent!"


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Maybe Paramount can follow with "Grease 3" and "Saturday Night Fever III: Still Stayin' Alive"

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