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Richard Dreyfuss to play Dick Cheney

Dreyfuss Richard Dreyfuss is the latest actor to sign onto Oliver Stone's W, the controversial director's drama about the George W. Bush presidency. Dreyfuss is in final negotiations to play Vice-President to Josh Brolin's Dubya. Elizabeth Banks is playing the First Lady, Thandie Newton is portraying Condaleezza Rice, Jeffrey Wright will be Colin Powell and James Cromwell will play Bush Sr..

I'm psyched that Stone, one of my favorite filmmakers, is returning to presidential biopic territory, even though you know that his promise of a "fair, true portrait of the man" will probably have nothing to do with the final result. Their factual accuracy aside, his previous two films in the genre (JFK and Nixon) were superbly made and exceptionally entertaining. The plan is to release W in October, right before the election, and then put it out on DVD in January, just as Bush is handing over the baton to his successor.


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Did you see that EW cover with Josh Brolin?

I don't know, but this will be either a huge trainwreck or a masterpiece.

After Alexander and World Trade Center Stone is due for a comeback.


Well, it can't be any worse a trainwreck then Bush's miserable presidency.

I really hope this turns out to be good. Brolin is such a great actor, I look foward to seeing him take on the part. He is unrecognizable in the make up.

can't fight this feeling anymore

While I have to admit I look forward to seeing Brolin in this role - I'm still startled by the EWeekly cover - I would not term Nixon "entertaining."


I LOVED Nixon. The movie. I thought it was very entertaining actually. And well crafted. Then again, I liked Nixon the president too.

can't fight this feeling anymore

JFK was OK, if you like fantasies...

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