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Sex and the City: The Interviews

Satc You can check out my interview with the cast and director of the Sex and the City movie here. Check out a sample of what awaits below.

Me: I recently described the sex in the show as ''raunchy'' in a story, and a reader e-mailed me and called me a prude. But I always thought part of the show's appeal was that it was kind of raunchy. And so is the movie.

Writer-director Michael Patrick King: It's frank and graphic and comic. When you wrote raunchy, you were probably thinking fun. The thing about Sex and the City is that yes, there was sex, but it wasn't dark and black. It was pink and bubbly. If you could have sex after an episode, then you were pretty good, because ours was about an uncharted sexual landscape of talking about sex in an uncensored way. The movie is R-rated for a reason. One of the first discussions they had at New Line was would people trust a PG Sex and the City?And the answer was no.

Me: All the actresses appear nude in the film except Sarah. How come?

Sarah Jessica Parker: I got a no-nudity clause. What can I tell you? It's been there since I was 8!

Kim Cattrall: For me to play Samantha, that's an area I would have to be particularly fearless in (laughs).


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I'm so excited by Sex and the City the movie! Here's an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker:


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