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Two 80s staples might get the remake treatment

Reddawn 1984's Red Dawn, director John Milius' fascist imaginary war movie about an invasion of the U.S. by Soviet troops, is one of two 80s staples that MGM is considering remaking.

The other is 1987's Robocop, which launched director Paul Verhoeven's Hollywood career. I can see the appeal of a new Red Dawn: I recently watched the movie again on DVD and was surprised how slow and melodramatic it was. It hasn't aged well at all.

Robocop Robocop, on the other hand, is pretty perfect the way it is. What could they possibly do in a new version that Verhoeven and Iron Man haven't already done - except ruin it with a bunch of CGI?

Man, I sound old.


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You might SOUND old, but you LOOK like a young stud.


I read today that Highlander may also be getting the remake treatment. Hollywood is just chalk full of fresh ideas!

can't fight this feeling anymore

No, Jessica is wrong, you ARE old.

A Robocop remake seems like one of the more superfluous endeavors ever. And wasn't Red Dawn already remade, sort of, on CBS and called Jericho?

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