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Two more film critics bow out

Washington Post film critics Stephen Hunter (who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2003) and Desson Howe are among the more than 100 writers, reporters and editors who accepted early retirement packages offered by the paper as a way of reducing costs.

"I realized about a year ago I no longer had to be the film critic," said Hunter, a successful novelist who has a book coming out in September and commutes from Baltimore. "Part of it was New York Avenue fatigue, part of it was movie fatigue, part of it was CGI fatigue," he said, referring to digitally rendered movie special effects. "I'm doing what The Post would not do: I'm firing myself for being too old."

N57213 At least Hunter won't be hurting for work the way so many other recently-terminated film scribes are doing. One of Hunter's previous novels, Point of Impact, was turned into the Mark Wahlberg movie Shooter, and there will probably be others. I've only read one of Hunter's books, Dirty White Boys, but can vouch it would make for a hell of a shoot-em-up.


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can't fight this feeling anymore

Wow. When Pulitzer Prize winners take buyouts, times are hard. Though Hunter should do well enough with his books to not even notice he doesn't have to sit through a bunch of lousy movies anymore.

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