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About that Tony Stark cameo in "The Incredible Hulk"...

It lasts about 60 seconds and consists of maybe four lines of dialogue. It is also going to make Marvel Comics fans extremely happy, more for what it promises than what it contains. 'Nuff said.

Photoofedwardnortonasbrucebanneri_2 As for the movie itself, I can kinda see why Ed Norton wanted to take a stab at his own cut of the film: The second act sags more than a little, recycling the Bruce-Banner-searching-for-a-cure business that we all know isn't going to lead anywhere.

But the movie itself is not the disaster it was rumored to be, either. It's lighter and funnier in tone than Ang Lee's version, the action and mayhem is well-orchestrated, there are a couple of clever cameos aside from Mr. Stark, and the green-skinned monster looks about as photorealistic as he's ever going to get.

Hulkstill_450x250_3 Still, it says something about the movie that the preview audience never exploded into applause until Robert Downey Jr.'s cameo, which is the very last scene in the film. I'll be interviewing director Louis Leterrier and producer Gale Anne Hurd via telephone tomorrow. I would have loved to talk to Norton too, but he's not doing any publicity for the film. Doh.


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What do you think about its box office prospects?

It certainly can't be as big a disaster as Lee's [which I like a lot!]

Rene Rodriguez

I have no idea. I think a lot of people will roll their eyes at it, thinking "Didn't we see this already?" And the fact is that they have, sort of. Unlike Iron Man, which felt fresh and new (even though it was pure formula), this one feels a little stale. I just hope it does well enough to fulfill the promise Tony Stark makes.

Rene Rodriguez

The screening was packed, though. That's always a good indication of a strong opening weekend.

Rene Rodriguez

I think I'll watch the Ang Lee version again right now, for compare-and-contrast's sakes.


kind of an unnecessary spoiler there right in the title, isn't it? it may not reveal specific plot, but it sure ruined the surprise (and therefore some of the fun) for readers.


The cameo is already being shown in the films TV spots, so the studio itself has spoiled the cameo.

I HATED Ang Lee's version. HATED IT. So to me this isnt a case of "havent I already seen this?", but a case of "so THAT'S how its done!" The COMMERCIALS for this film are already better then Lee's film/thing. I seriously am not asking for much here. I just want mindless entertainment and Hulk smashing things. I didn't get that in Lee's muddled overwrought melodramatic crap. What I got there was some movie about a guy with massive daddy issues. Oh and he turns into this wierd looking green thing for some reason or other.

This one, is FAR more in spirit with the original comic, and the old tv show. I am really looking foward to it, and I think i'm gonna like it. A lot.

I do hope Norton's cut gets put out on DVD. I get the feeling that will be the better version in the end.


i enjoyed the lastest hulk, much better than the other film versions. i was disappointed with ironman, i think this is alot better. more action would of being nice.

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