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How high will "The Dark Knight" go?

Darkknight2 The Dark Knight grossed an estimated $75.6 million on its second weekend, implying many of you are going back to see it for a second time. It's still early, of course, but with a total gross of $314 million in only 10 days, some people are starting to speculate it could conceivably dethrone Titanic as the all-time box office champ.


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Titanic had comparably small weeks, opening with a mere $25 million, but it had what they call legs and stayed solid for months, grabbing every conceivable demographic and adding a smash soundtrack to make it a multimedia hit.
Batman dropped from its opening week and these still huge 2nd week figures tell me it's people who couldn't get into a showing last week getting in now. The movie is also playing in a gazillion theaters. If movies 2-10 were playing in a fraction of the theaters maybe they, too, might amount to something.

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