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Lots of movies opening today

Vcb Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona lets you vacation in Spain with people a lot sexier than you are. The documentary Man on Wire is as suspenseful as a great heist thriller, except it's all true. Bottle Shock is a so-so account of a great wine story: It'll make you thirstier than Sideways. And Fly Me to the Moon is strictly kids-only - really young ones.

I wasn't able to catch George Lucas' latest Star Wars cash grab, but it doesn't sound like I missed much.


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can't fight this feeling anymore

This photo of Javier Bardem is not big enough!

I don't understand this movie. Some woman has a dilemma because Javier Bardem invites her to participate in a threesome? Listen, when Javier Bardem asks you to join a threesome, the answer is always YES!

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