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"Righteous Kill" is going to suck

It's not just newspapers who are rendering film critics superfluous. Movie studios are increasingly opting not to screen their pictures in advance for reviewers. I just found out that Overture Films will not be screening Righteous Kill until the night before it opens, which is too late to get a review into the Friday paper.

DeniropacinoEven though it stars Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino (in what is only their second on-screen pairing, after Heat), Righteous Kill is apparently so bad that Overture is opting to send it out without reviews. Although the studio's official line is that they don't want anyone to spoil the surprise ending. Riiiight.


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This is the movie studio equivalent to telling an officer you are sober but you still refuse a breathalizer test. Considering the amount of worthless movies that come out every year, I'm actually suprised that a lot of them get reviewed.

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