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"The Dark Knight" beats back "The Mummy"

2008thedarkknightbatmanmovieposter1 Although it charged out strong on Friday, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was unable to unseat The Dark Knight out of the top slot at the weekend box office - probably because word got around of just how bad it is.

Knight sold $43.8 million' worth of tickets, bringing its cumulative U.S. gross to $394.8 million. The Mummy earned $42.4 million, while Step Brothers added another $16.3 million to its total, which is now at $62.9 million.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which stands at $314 million, dropped off the chart entirely, which means it will probably not be able to surpass Iron Man's $316 million take. Who would have guessed that at the start of the summer movie season?

Thehulksuperhero400a062507 Also, The Incredible Hulk has earned $133 million, which is almost exactly what Ang Lee's The Hulk grossed in the summer of 2003 ($132 million). Weird, no?


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When will Elegy and Vicky Cristina be playing in Miami?

Rene Rodriguez

"Elegy" opens here Aug. 22. VCB opens Aug. 15.

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