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"Moby Dick" redux: Forget calling him Ishmael

Nightwatchfinalbrd I hadn't gotten around to Night Watch (Nochnoy dozor) - director Timur Bekmambetov first chapter in an intended trilogy about a battle between the forces of Light and Dark in modern-day Moscow - until this weekend, when I watched it on Blu-ray.

The disc looks and sounds terrific, and it includes several extra features not found on the old DVD (including an alternate ending that goes on for at least 5 minutes). But it says a lot that I haven't been compelled to check out the second chapter, Day Watch (Dnevnoi dozor), even though the disc is sitting atop my to-watch pile.

154923__nightwatch_l_2 The second film is supposed to be a lot more lucid and comprehensible than the first movie. But the anything-goes melange of witches and vampires and psychics and CGI effects in Night Watch felt like overkill to me. Visually, it is all extremely cool, but it is also a bit much. It's no fun watching a battle between Good and Evil when you can't tell the heroes apart from the bad guys.

Now that Bekmambetov (who made his Hollywood debut with this summer's Wanted) has admitted there are no plans to finish the trilogy, and that he will next direct a new adaptation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick, I doubt I'll be watching Day Watch anytime soon. If he's lost interest, then so have I.

51gd0282tcl__sl500_aa240_ Interestingly, Bekmambetov's Moby Dick is going to do away with the first-person narration by Ishmael so we can see the (presumably computer-generated) whale wreaking havoc on other ships before encountering the Pequod. According to Variety, Captain Ahab is also undergoing a makeover and will be "depicted more as a charismatic leader than a brooding obsessive." Yeah, OK. But will there be vampires in it?


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Want to see a great Russian film? Check out "Wolfhound". Big budget sword and sorcery epic.

You'll have to find a Russian friend with a copy though. It's not available here, yet.


His take on Moby Dick sounds interestin. And by interesting, I mean it could either work really well, or flop horrendously. Wait and see time!

I did enjoy the hell out of Wanted though. It was so over the top ridiculous, I couldn't help but have a fun time.

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