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Remembering David Foster Wallace

Book_dfw_a_supposedly_hb Glenn Kenny, the excellent film critic for the now-defunct Premiere magazine, has written a touching tribute to the late David Foster Wallace, who committed suicide last Friday. Kenny worked with Wallace on three articles for the magazine, including his excellent piece on David Lynch, entitled David Lynch Keeps His Head, which I first read in A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again (and which you can read in a shorter version here).

That book is one of the best non-fiction collections I've ever read. I've bought three copies of Wallace's novel Infinite Jest over the years - once in hardback, twice in paperback - but was never able to get past the first 100 pages. I think I'll give it another shot. There is a growing collection of links to tributes and memoriams to Wallace here.


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Ahh, is THAT what he wrote? I should pick up that copy that someone left with me and give it a read!


I haven't finished INFINITE JEST either, but I really enjoyed the story about the addict impatiently waiting for his dealer.

To read IJ is to read the dictionary and encyclopedia in equal measure.

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