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Stone talks W.

Oliverstone I've interviewed Oliver Stone more times than I've interviewed any other filmmaker. Part of the reason is that I'm a big fan of his work, and part of the reason is that he is, unfailingly, a great interview subject. Stone doesn't censor himself the way most big-time filmmakers do: He speaks with the honesty and candor of an independent director who doesn't care who he offends or how he comes off.

Those qualities are evident in this Q&A with Stone from the latest issue of GQ. Here, for example, is Stone talking about the barroom brawl that led to the arrest of W. stars Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright during the filming of the movie in Shreveport:

Oh, we were all having champagne on the set to say good-bye—it was nine thirty at night—and then we all went off to get loaded. The cops came to this bar. They arrested Jeffrey because the bartender had a hair up his ass about this uppity black man from the North. And contrary to reports, he was not drunk. I was there. He was arrested because he had words with the cops. As for Brolin? It was the first night he had had a couple of drinks the whole time we were shooting. He had been sober for five months for the role, so he let loose a little bit and they got him, too.

Brolinbush1 I've put in a request to see W. early and do a telephone interview with Stone. Here's hoping distributor Lionsgate comes through and makes it happen.


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