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Sam Mendes to direct "Preacher" movie

With the release of Zack Snyder's Watchmen rapidly approaching, along comes news of a future comic-book adaptation for me to obsess over.

Preacher56 Variety reports Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition, the upcoming Revolutionary Road) has signed on to direct a feature-film adaptation of Preacher, the Garth Ennis-Steve Dillon comic-book series about a Texas preacher, his trigger-happy girlfriend and a law-abiding vampire who team up to track down God (who has essentially quit his dayjob in heaven) and teach him a lesson about responsibility.

I have no idea how Mendes is going to approach such sacrilegious, ultra-violent material. But I do know that while I was reading Preacher, I kept thinking what a thoroughly kickass movie the series would make.

There have been several previous attempts to turn Preacher into a film - at one point, James Marsden had been cast to play the lead role, until financing fell through - but with the Oscar-winning Mendes onboard, it sounds like we will get an actual movie this time. And comic-book fans everywhere will rejoice. Seriously, this has the potential to be the best movie of all time.



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James Marsden is too pretty to be Jesse!

But who cares about Jesse anyway. Cassidy rules!

Rockin' Rich

Assume you're reading The Boys, too, Rene. That would make a helluva flick!

But I'd really like to see something done with Warren Ellis' Planetary (though Global Frequency went to pilot. See it? Wanna?)


The Preacher series is one of the very best. I can't beleive they got Sam Mendes to do it! Never would have guessed that one.

That being said, I have NO CLUE how this is going to work as a movie. It's just such a huge story. I don't know how they'll be able to do it. Not to mention the subject matter will have religious types going ape shit. It seems like such a difficult, risky project, I don' think i'll believe it until I see it.

How do you think a movie version of Preacher would work Rene?

Rene Rodriguez

Juan: I haven't a clue. The original plan for HBO to turn it into a miniseries was the idea way to go, although they eventually lost their nerve and pulled the plug (if it makes HBO nervous, you know it's gotta be offensive).

There is obviously no way to tell the entire story, which spanned something like 66 comics, in a single two-hour film. I suspect they will probably focus on one chunk of the story with the movie.

These characters lend themselves much better to an episodic-type movie than, say, "Watchmen," where if you don't tell the entire story from beginning to end, you've got nothing.

As long as the "Preacher" movie gives us Assface, I'll be happy. :)


Haha! Arseface! It'll be breath taking seeing the Saint of Killers come to life on the big screen as well. My favorite character is Herr Star though, I'd love to see who they'd get to play him!


I have to agree that it seemed much better suited to a miniseries format.

I'm assuming they will concentrate on the main story line i.e. the hunt for God, with the Saint of Killers and Herr Star providing the role of 'baddies'. Pretty much all the side stories would be lost and the script will be very much an adaptation.

At least it's got a good director, the producers behind this have worked on some terrible films.


does anyone think john malkovich would make a kick ass herr starr? i think so, as for Jesse? who the hell on earth is that kick ass? it'll be hard

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