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Sneak peek at the upcoming "Star Trek" movie

I've never had much enthusiasm for any of the various Star Trek incarnations. I occasionally watched reruns of the original series when I was a kid and I love The Wrath of Khan, but that's pretty much it. I know several people who worship at the altar of The Next Generation, but I find that show so cold and robotic. I've never been able to sit through an entire episode.

Startrekenterprise1701a_2 I am, however, looking forward to J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie next May, which catches up with the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise while they were still college-age hooligans. I'm a big fan of Abrams' approach to storytelling (both Mission Impossible III and Cloverfield were underrated, expertly assembled thrill rides) and am curious to see what he does with the iconic characters. Plus Kevin Smith really liked the movie.

Entertainment Weekly has scored a collection of photos from the new movie, which you can check out here. Here's one of Sylar Zachary Quinto as Spock.



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"Star Trek: The Next Generation" is neither cold nor robotic, but rather a logical step in the evolution of the series. The boorish hoopla of the original gang is replaced with a more tranquil and sorted out future in space... hence THE NEXT GENERATION.

At least we can agree on The Wrath of Khan, it rocked!


Oh yeah I can't wait for this one! Abrams is making a Star Trek movie not for trekkers, but for everyone to get into. That's incredibly wise since the franchise is pretty much dead. I really hope this ends up being as good as it seems.


Dan, did you just argue against cold and robotic by claiming that it's "a logical step?"

can't fight this feeling anymore

I don't even like Star Trek, and even I agree that Wrath of Khan rocked.


BTW, I have no interest in this new ST, but ZQuinto as Spock must be the most perfect casting in the history of sci fi movies.

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