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"The Road" may be bumped to 2009

Roadposter I've been looking forward to The Road more than any other movie this fall, which is why I am so bummed by Dave Karger's report in EW that rumors abound the film will not open as scheduled on Nov. 14 and will instead be delayed until next year. Note to the fine folks at the Weinstein Company: This is unacceptable.

Update: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reason for the delay is that the movie simply isn't finished. For now, it has been pushed to December, although 2009 is looking more and more likely. Boooooo.


In other news on the Cormac McCarthy front, one of his earlier novels - which is even grimmer and more depressing than The Road, if you can imagine that - might be on its way to the screen. My friend Jess, who has been working her way through the McCarthy canon, recently finished reading the jawdropping work of genius that is Blood Meridian and found this.

Bloodmeridian I had no idea Todd Field was taking a stab at adapting Meridian into a film, but I'm not sure he may be the right guy for the job (I loved In the Bedroom, but his adaptation of Little Children completely missed the book's feel and tone). There is also no guarantee that just because Field is writing a script means that the film will actually get made. Others have tried to adapt Blood Meridian before and failed.

I wish that Hollywood's newfound interest in McCarthy's novels would inspire somebody to pay for a DVD release of Billy Bob Thornton's director's cut of All the Pretty Horses. Harvey Weinstein made Thornton cut an hour out of the film before it was released to theaters, and that version was pretty draggy as it was. But I have a feeling this may be the rare kind of long, slow movie that would feel quicker in an even longer version.

Anyways: For fans of The Wire, here's a shot from The Road of Michael K. Williams (aka Omar) in character as The Thief. Here's hoping the movie comes out as planned on Nov. 14, which happens to be my birthday week. Seeing the film would be an awesome birthday present, Weinsteins. I'm just saying.



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Jill Cassidy

WAH! i have SO been looking forward to this movie. the book was completely creepy, and viggo is perfect casting. i guess i will use my spare time to read blood meridian, which i just bought last month.

Rene Rodriguez

Prepare to have your mind blown, Jill. Cormac McCarthy is a mean m-----------g servant of God!!!

can't fight this feeling anymore

Is it just me, or does Omar look like even MORE of a badass than he did on The Wire?

I miss the duster and the shotgun though.

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