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"Captain America" movie gets a director

Captain20america Joe Johnston has signed on to direct the big-screen adaptation of Marvel Comics' Captain America, which is due in theaters on May 6, 2011. Out of all the heroes in the Marvel universe, Captain America will be the hardest one to turn into a cool live-action character, since he's essentially a guy who runs around with a shield. The last time they tried, they ended up with this.

But the release of the film will pave the way for an Avengers movie, assuming that Kenneth Branagh doesn't screw up Thor too badly. So I'm all for it.

Viewing log

Sunday Nov. 2

Gospel Hill (2008): Review here.

Strength and Honour (2008): Review here.

Monday Nov. 3

Fling (2008): Review here.

I Do and I Don't (2008): Review here.

Wednesday Nov. 5

Sukiyaki Western Django (2006): Review here.

* Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008): I think I may like this one more than The Dark Knight. Review of the DVD here.

Thursday Nov. 6

Synecdochenyposterbig Synecdoche, New York (2008): Charlie Kaufman writes and directs this time, and the result is too much for puny mortals to digest, at least in one sitting. I didn't enjoy the actual act of watching it, but I haven't stopped thinking about it since, which must mean something. (Opens Friday).

Marley and Me (2008): Opens Christmas Day. Bring Kleenex. Like an entire box.

Sunday Nov. 9

The Seven-Ups (1973): The plot is a little underbaked, but the car chase lives up to its billing as one of the greatest of all time. It is insane. Also: You know you're getting older when cars from the early 1970s suddenly look cool. 


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Joe Johnston's as good a choice as any I guess. Don't know much about Captain American so I cant really say much on potential story, but I hope its fun.

And I loved Hellboy 2 also, but it's nowhere near The Dark Knight. In fact I haven't seen anything else this year that has come close to topping Dark Knight. Not yet anyway. Wall-E was close though.


Wall-E was amazing.
As for Captain America movie, as a veteran Marvel Comics fan, I never cared that much for the Captain America title. Altho, I do own the first issue from the late 1960s when Cap got his own title (was numbered #100 because it continued on from a previous title).
As for it being hard to turn into a movie, well, Daredevil was a blind guy who ran around with a baton and it...OK, it sucked big time. I see your point.

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